Would there be any respite from corrupt Indian politicians!

Basically I am a positive guy and firm believer that India would come out of the bewilderment it’s in today. But from the day I got consciousness (about 15 years back when I was about 13-14) about my country, its goodness, its problems, I hardly see any progress.

Certainly we are growing economically; we can see better roads, better transportation, better life styles but then….still the same or rather more number of people begging around, more number of people bearing injustice, more poverty, more angriness, more dissatisfaction all over. Alas…it seems all the development is restricted for only certain section of our society especially our government officials, bureaucrats and politicians.

They can get away with anything… take the recent example of now (surprisingly) disgraced former Haryana police chief SPS Rathore, he did the most heinous crime of molesting a child…and instead of getting punished poor Ruchika Girhotra was punished and murdered. He is being trialed only since he had association with opposition parties guys not the ruling ones, otherwise nobody would have dared to touch him even after 19 years of his crime.

And then the veteran N. D. Tiwari…he has been the senior leader of congress holding all the highest positions like CM, Governor..and now when he is on the verge of end at 84 years...he crossed all the limits of decency with the act I feel ashamed even to mention it here…I am not sure how his family and near ones going to handle this. As far as his party or his colleagues are concerned it won't be much difficult for them to ignore this since he has already resigned and since these politicians are used to such disgracefulness and they know how to overcome it by making us foolish.

These politicians can easily create havoc , can easily bring animosity among us in the names of lanuguage, state, culture and easily get away with it.

I really see no respite from all these rubbish. I think we need a guy someone like Salman Khan in wanted…:)

Jokes apart, I see a ray of hope in guys like Nitish Kumar, Rahul Gandi, Nitin Gadakari..who would think out of the box of these politicians and work for the upliftment of people instead of their party..and yes we have arise to do our bit.

See you again….


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